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Month: November 2014
Issue: 1
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EUROVET, the leading trade show organizer for lingerie and swimwear events with networking platforms for developing business, is joining the German partner Igedo to develop the biggest lingerie and beachwear trade show in the Russian capital in February 2015. “Our aim is to offer a real show, an event dedicated to the Russian market and bordering countries,” says Marie-Laure Bellon, CEO of Eurovet. “The new event has as a goal to develop the Moscow lingerie and beachwear event and the russian market that we consider very promising. This is the first dedicated International lingerie and swimwear Trade Show in Russia, bringing BUSINESS, EDUCATION and REPUTATION”.

If the heart of Banana Moon business is swimwear and beachwear, the famous brand nevertheless gradually expanded its range with ready-to-wear, homewear and shoes... A wider range lead now Banana Moon to open shops in cities and not only on the sea side. This September Banana Moon opened its first boutique in Paris.

A NEW SPORTS ERA 2015: More technical fabrics (women expect still more of their swimsuit), forms more covering but still sexy: low-cut back, new brassieres form, indented buttocks swimwear...

A 80’ style this season! Sport, fashion and glamour the new winning mix for summer 2015.Technical fabrics: using efficient fabrics ( fast drying , UV ... ) , sculpting ( materials with twice Lycra® fiber ) ultra fine but compact fabrics as neoprene which landed in our swimsuit for a more sportive spirit! Necklines "back" : the swimsuit for swimming-pool review. Sport details: apparent zips, seamless, mesh…Mini-bustier: the “brassière “ bra is back to draw a very athletic silhouette. 80’ Low neckline: bottom emerged for one-pieces swimsuit more fashion and glamour.
NATURE GIRL 2015: A very lingerie style, staying close to handcraft/homemade: crochet and embroidery will be the favorites of the season. Flowers embroidered or vintage printed floral enjoying a large profile.

Country summer. A lingerie spirit, very handcraft: crochet work, embroidery, macramé will be the star of the season. The embroidered flowers or vintage floral prints are very present. Loose form for the beachwear collection, nude, sand, golden colors for a…. Lingerie spirit in swimwear: embroidery, crochet, guipure aspect… Floral prints: adapted in a vintage spirit are very present as the embroidery flowers. Summer homewear, beachwear: comfort and softness of fabrics for a natural and chic aspect.
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